About Cladfy

  • 1. What problem are we solving?

    In Subsaharan Africa, 90% of consumers and SMBs are not covered by credit bureaus.
    However there is vast, (but fragmented) alterenative data that is readily available to be analyzed and modeled for a complete borrower's financial profile.

  • 2. What is our innovation?

    Cladfy's core innovation is a CRB-equivalent consumer data analysis, credit scoring and credit limit setting system

    With a Plug n' Play model, Lenders can now onboard and lend to high-quality borrowers in seconds

  • 3. Who can use Cladfy's Solutions?

    We designed our tools for Loan Officers, Credit Risk Managers/committee and Direct Integrations with core-banking systems.

    We work with telco companies, lenders and other credit product providers for the best services and experiences.

Our Company values are:

  • People First: Our employees and customers come first. We seek to always show empathy and understanding.
  • Build Bridges, not Walls: We believe in supporting the traditionally disadvantaged.

  • Play as a Team, Win as a Team
  • Pursue Growth and Learning
  • We Create and Innovate
  • We are True to Self

Our Story

It all started with the need to match Our siblings and Friends who work as Mtu wa Mjengo (" Swahili for casual construction workers"), bodaboda riders, uber drivers and small storefront owners with the best loan products

From our research on how to best do it, we found that the fundamental question/problem in the lending vertical is:

How do you Assess the Creditworthiness of underbanked populations?

We spent Q1&Q2 of 2021 conducting market research. In July 2021, we were fortunate to be chosen among other 30 African startups for a 6-months online accelerator plus a 1-week physical Bootcamp in Kigali, Rwanda sponsored by GIZ.

The Smart Cities Innovation Programme | Africa (SCIP) supports start-ups and founders from Rwanda and other African countries in the fields of Fintech, Mobility, Cleantech & Smart Housing.

This helped us build an MVP that we launched in Jan 2022.

In February 2022, a month after launch and market tests, we joined Wise Guys Saas Africa Startup Pre-Accelerator Equity-Free program

The Goal: Make your startup into an investable business in 8 weeks

We are glad to have Graduated after deep diving into specific topics with experts and other founders and acquiring priceless skills.

We have commited our Skills and Resources to work on the technology needed to help lenders serve the 300 Million + Online and Offline African Gig workers and SMBs.

Cladfy was founded to help businesses extend financial services and our solution is optimized in favour of Small Businesses, Freelancers, College Students and Content Creators; who oftentimes lack "Traditional" Credit Scores.

We love what we do.

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