Cladfy FS - M-Pesa and Bank Statements analysis
Automated Analysis of Bank & Mobile Money statements for deeper insights into cash flow metrics and income

Cladfy enables lenders to Assess creditworthiness, set loan limits and onboard high-quality borrowers.

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Human in the loop approach allow you to get easy access to consumer-permissioned financial transaction data

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Cleaned, processed, and normalized data

We have developed proprietary approaches to reduce the noise inside bank transaction data

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Attributes Proven to Predict Risk

Use our hundreds of attributes designed to evaluate affordability and credit risk. All built for underwriting use cases.

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For many industries

We empower banks, credit unions, fintechs, and lenders to make informed financial decisions.

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Retrieve data from M-Pesa and Bank Statements using our document automation software:

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What we do

What's in the box?

Empower your underwriters, using Cladfy's comprehensive report of key financial metrics to lend more efficiently.

Cash flow

Evaluate financial health using bank data and cash flow analytics


Auto-Calculate income for consumers from diverse sources.


See the current loans being serviced and the repayment history.


Quickly retrieve all savings amounts and platforms used.

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