AI-powered lending platform

Cladfy provides Microfinance Lenders with smart loan management & statements analysis software, and connects them to affordable, reliable, financing partners.

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Loan Management, Credit Profiling, Loan Book Financing

End-to-end Loan Management

One platform for all your back-office processes.

Cladfy Origination.

Easy-to-use client onboarding tools for loan officers, and a self-service option for clients.

Cladfy Assessment.

Use our custom credit profiling model to shorten your loan approval time.

Loan Management, Credit Profiling, Loan Book Financing

Cladfy Core.

Powerful dashboard for loan officers to visualize client applications, repayments and reports.

Cladfy Engagement.

Communicate with your clients via Bulk SMS to notify them about repayments & new offers.

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Credit Profiling

Mobile Money, Bank Statements, Repayments, Savings and Background data analysis for assessing a borrower's affordability and ability to pay.

1 Loan limit Estimate

Analysis of Bank & Mobile-Money statements to estimate loan ability and affordability.

2 Demographic Score

This is based on an applicant's background information; Occupation, Location, # of dependents...

3 Deposits Score

This is based on the client's deposit behavior; Consistency, Amounts, Timeliness, Partial deposits...

4 Repayment Score

This is based on a borrower's payment behavior; Amounts, Time, delinquencies...

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Affordable and Reliable Financing

Loan Book financing to on-lend from our partners.

On-demand working capital.

Draw-down liquidity only when your business needs it.

Flexible loan periods.

Repayment schedules that make sense for your business.

Competitive interest rates.

Affordable rates that allow you to maximise your spread.

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Insights on AI-powered lending

Equip your team to optimize loan processing and risk management.

Lend smarter with AI

Beat your competition with Cladfy

Simple, Secure and Smarter.

Tech infrastructure & tools designed to automate your processes.

Client Onboarding.

Automated 2-way texting.

Collections, without the pain.

Reconciliations, without the hustle.

Reports from individual staff & branches.

Transaction and Background Data Analysis.

Mobile Money & Bank Statements,

Insights on borrowing & spending,

Patterns in Deposits and repayment,

Social profile from background data,

Calculated loan ability estimates,

And it is all Consumer permissioned.

Working Capital facility from our partners to fund your loanbook.

Revolving funds.

Fundraising, without the wait.

Flexible interest rates and repayment period.

Start lending with confidence today!

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Loan Management, Credit Profiling, Loan Book Financing